Regaliz® Leather Original

We offer the largest selection of genuine Regaliz® leather and components! We are the direct importers and owners of the Regaliz® brand. If you're new to the world of Regaliz®, it is a complete bracelet system featuring high quality European leather and metal components that you can mix and match to form an infinite number of style combinations.

Regaliz® leather is a solid, thick 10mm x 6mm piece of cowhide that is colored with vegetable-based dyes. Flat on the bottom and rounded on top, the shape is reminiscent of a piece of licorice candy-- the world "regaliz" means "licorice" in Spanish.

To make your bracelets, choose from a mix of metal spacers, ceramic beads, and rubber o-rings to create a design. The pieces slide right on to the leather. Then, finish the ends with a clasp-- we have a wide variety of closures to meet your preferences. You will have a beautiful customized bracelet in just a couple of minutes!

Below you will find everything you need to get started. Don't forget a pair of cutters and some glue!